Buttman reviews G.D. Douglass videos    in his December - 1998 magazine. Vol.1 #3
 Text by John "Buttman" Stagliano
About a year ago I was over at Joey Silvera's apartment and he put on a tape he said was from an amateur Producer out of Dallas, Texas.  It was a preview type tape with a couple of hundred girls on it.  Wow!  It's pure "show off" stuff.  Girl after girl posing, bending over, rubbing oil on their tits, spreading their legs, their pussies, and their ass cheeks!  This is G.D. Douglass!  The king of amateur single girl porn!

His stuff is like a magazine layout on video. He does "shots."  His goal is to give you a complete look at each girl in a number of pre-planned poses.  It sounds stiff and predictable, but the shots he gets are so right on!  And the girls!  If you've ever been to the titty bars in Dallas you know that they've got perhaps the best looking, certainly the most wholesome and friendly strippers in the USA.  He's been doing these kind of videos for the last six or seven years and he has shot a few thousand girls.  His supply of these Texas Girls make his product truly one of a kind in the world.

His current format includes an interview with the girl before she "shows off."  In the interview he focuses on the sex lives and the sexuality of these pretty young girls.  He's obviously well practiced at making the girls comfortable and at bringing out their personality.  After this the girls go though a series of strip routines, down to naked and spreading.  The great thing for me is that I get to see the girls in clothes of various kinds first, teasing in theses clothes before taking them off.  He puts the girls in various everyday type places like an office, then plays on the fantasies we might have about a secretary or other female worker.  He starts with the girl going over and getting a file out of a file cabinet and bending over and getting a file out of the bottom drawer!  The legs are always straight and the ass is always thrust well up into the air!  This office tease usually includes an up the skirt type shot, and the girls always wear full brief panties that want to crawl into the crack, needing to be constantly pulled back down.  This panty tease can make a Buttman drool!

In most positions within each set he has the girl spread her pussy, usually going in for incredible tight close ups on the clit.  Also he has the girl in each position reach back and spread her ass cheeks.  As she does this he zooms in for a tight close-up on her butt hole.  These are truly heavenly shots.  My biggest complaint with G.D. is that he doesn't focus on getting a close-up on the full butt also showing the hands digging into plump butt flesh.  He passes this great shot on the zoom and usually so fast that I have to freeze frame the moment.  And sometimes he's too fast with the zoom in and we miss the best framed shot all together.  His focus is on getting a good shot of the asshole, a highly commendable endeavor, he just doesn't spend enough time looking at cheeks.  But we can't have everything, even though at times it seems that that is just what G.D. is trying to give us!

His format has evolved over the years.  I personally prefer his earliest tapes where he spent more time on exotic sets and interesting camera work.  And some of the girls in his early "Good Vibrations" series were so stunning!  Don't get me wrong, throughout all his tapes he has stunning girls.  I just prefer this early format.

This is basically soft core action, but usually the girls also play with themselves with dildos or vibrators of various kinds.  Almost always this action is in the pussy, but I did see one girl put a dildo in her ass once.  (You have to realize that watching all G.D.'s stuff is a task few could accomplish,  there are so many girls!)  Maybe more girls put dildos in the ass, but believe me I'm searching.  Also I've seen a couple of gaping assholes happen in the course of the girl simply spreading her ass.  (I'm gonna have to get G.D.'s help in finding more of this in his collection.)

When I settle in for an evening of jerking off  I always put on a couple on G.D.'s tapes early on to get me warmed up for harder stuff.  Often I wind up going back to his stuff after watching hard-core sex.  A beautiful ass, nicely teased, is a wonderful thing!

                                                                                                                                             - John Stagliano