Report a Complaint
Reporting a complaint or content that you think is innapropriate helps us protect SexyVids, it's users and performers. Thank you for being a part of our communiity, we appreciate your feedback.  Reporting content is anonymous.

If you have any of these concerns:

Infringes your  rights
Copright concerns
Other legal concers
Potentially features a minor
Misleading Content
Or others
We have a complaint process regarding the Content on our website. This process allows you or anyone else to report to us any Content that may be illegal or that otherwise violates the Standards. We will review and resolve all reported complaints within seven (7) business days. If such a review yields evidence of illegal Content or Content violating the Standards, we will remove the Content immediately. If you believe you or anyone else is depicted in any illegal Content or Content that violates the standards, please notify us and specifically identify the Content in violation and the reason to initiate the review process

To Contact G.D Click Here
G.D. Douglass Voice Mail:  765-265-2831
All such reports will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days!